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About Us

KALE Technology is a software consulting and development company.

We digitalise financial products and solutions to make Digital Banking Experience seamless.

We make applications process faster with greater efficiency.

We design and build Risk Engine that convert applications into real-time disbursement.

Automatic Loan Execution (ALE)

Business Corporation

  • Transform the way you serve your clients.
  • Strengthen your competition advantages and business agility.
  • Enhance your operational efficiencies.


  • Connect and manage your clients.
  • Value management based on clients’ loyalty and retention.
  • Identifying objects and evaluating your portfolio across all client’s lifecycle.

Risk Engine

KALE Risk Engine is a cloud-based platform that automates credit-risk and fraud-risk decisioning with real-time results.

How do we get this done?

AI automation in Machine Learning, Facial Recognition and Object Recognition.

  • Machine Learning helps to unlock valuable insights from multiple channels of data sources.
  • Facial Recognition and Object Recognition helps to determine genuine of a subject matter.

Just simple integration with the data sources you need.

KALE Fraud Scoring

Detect and prevent fraud before it happens.

KALE Risk Scoring

Evaluate the risk potentials.

KALE Credit Scoring

Determine the best prospects for you based on your conditions and requirements.

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